During the closing of this age, there is a great deal more activity from the unseen world than we have seen in times past. We all know that there has been much demon activity in the world, but nothing compared to what is to break upon us in the days ahead.

The mass media, such as Video games, TV, movies, magazines, books, etc, constantly bombard the public with occult themes.  (including our children) Witchcraft and demon possession are popular subjects in Hollywood. The devil is preaching his message, and the sponsors and the consumers are paying for it. They have used up all the old stories about vampires, werewolves, etc, and have invented some new ones. U.F.O.s have occupied the public mind for years. Devil worship, hypnotism, and black magic can be found in some strange and so-called “respectable” places. The world is being prepared for the coming invasion from outer space – but it is not aliens from another planet, but demonic powers that are going to invade this world in greater numbers than ever before.

But little is known about the other side of the coin. “They that be with us are more than they that be with them.”  So said Elisha in II Kings 6:16. If only our eyes could be opened, and we would see that the Angel of the Lord is encamped round about us, with horses and chariots of fire.

Following is an outline with scriptures, concerning the nature and work of angels. I suggest you print this  page out and keep it handy as a study guide.

The battle of the ages is about to begin. The angelic hosts, the armies of Heaven, are girding up for the great conflict. Heaven is nearer, the veil is thinner, and many, many saints will soon have angelic encounters. Glory! 


Acts 23:8  Some religious people say there are no angels, or spirits.

Four kinds of Angels…

1.     God Himself in angelic, human form

2.     Angelic spirit beings, sometimes visible

3.     Human messengers of God

4.     Satan’s messengers, or spirits

Angel of the Lord…(Lord Himself)

Gen 16:7       Gen 31: 11-13    Gen 32: 24-30    48: 14-16                            Exo 14: 19-20    Acts 7:29-35    Jude 9    Zech 3:2    Dan 12:1                     Dan 10:21    Rev 12:7

God’s Angels…Angelic beings

Gen 21: 14-21    Luke 2: 9-10, 15

Human messengers or “Angels”

Rev 2: 1   14:6   19:10   22: 8-9

The Devil’s angels

Matt  22:29-32    Rev 9: 10-11    12: 7-9

Angels are spirits…they do not have a human body or a human nature…

Psm 104:4   Heb 1:7,   13-14,   2:16

Angels do not have the nature (name) of God…

Heb 1:4  (No inheritance)

Angels do not marry, and cannot die

Matt 22: 29-32    Luke 20: 34-36  (resurrection saints are like that)

Man is lower than angels for a while

Psm 8: 4-5    Heb 2: 7  (Wuest translation)

Some angels have names.. personalities.. Luke 1:26

Angels are not to be worshiped  Col 2:18

Angels have a food… Psm 78:25

Angels can eat and have their feet washed

Gen 18: 1-8, 13, 22, 33    Gen 19: 1-4, 12-13, 15-16

Angels have a language of their own   1 Cor 13:1

Angels are very wise… II Sam 14: 17, 20

Angels are very strong… Psm 103:20

Angels can, and did, sin… II Pet 2:4    Jude 6

Angels praise God, worship Jesus, obey His commands… Psm 103:20        

Heb 1: 6   Luke 2: 13-15

Angels desired to look into the glory of the Gospel… I Pet 1:12

Angels saw their God at Bethlehem… I Tim 3:16

Angels rolled away the stone… Matt 28:2-5

Angels deliver messages to God’s servants…

II Kings 1:3, 15    Rev 1:1    Luke 1: 11-20, 26   Luke 2:9-10   Acts 27:23

Angels commune with us and minister to us… Zech 1: 13-14   Matt 4:11

Each one of us has an angel watching over us… Matt 18:10   Psm 91: 11-12  

Matt 4: 6   Acts 12:13-15

Angels unawares… Heb 13:2   Judges 6: 11-22,   13: 2-3, 11-22

Angels appear to unsaved people… Acts 10: 1-4, 30-31

Animals can see angels when God opens their eyes… Numbers 22: 21-35

Angels sometimes appear in dreams… Matt 1: 20,   2: 13, 20

Angels are mighty to destroy… I Chron 21: 15   II Chron 32: 20-21  II Kings 19: 35

God sends evil angels to punish His people… Psm 78: 49

God sends an angel to prepare the way… Gen 24: 5-7

Angels deliver God’s people out of trouble… Psm 34: 7   Isa 63: 7-9   Dan 3: 28-29, 6: 22

Acts 5: 17-23   Acts 12: 5-11   Psm 91: 11-12   II Kings 6: 15-17


Don't forget, “they that be with us are more than they            that be with them”…