I would like to relate to you one of the saddest stories in the Bible. It concerns one who saw the coming of a new order, a new move of God, knew it to be of God, actually he prophesied of its coming - and yet never partook of its Glory. Why? Read on -----

Jonathan was one of the finest young men in the Bible. He was a King's son, next in line for the throne of his father Saul. His courage knew no limit, he refused to compromise. He was the head of a thousand men in the army of his father - I Samuel 13. The Bible says he was " swifter than the eagle, stronger than the lion ". In Chapter 14 of 1st Samuel we find him single-handedly attacking an entire garrison of the Philistines.

One memorable day a young man named David came along and slew Goliath (I Sam. 17: 49) and from that day on Jonathan and David became very close friends. Jonathan had at last found someone whose courage matched his own and did not run from the Philistines. In fact he felt there was a divine anointing resting on David. Jonathan came to know that Samuel had anointed David to be king over Israel in Saul's place, and that he himself would not. For if he would, he could only continue the old order his father was in, and he knew that this was not of God. For there was to be a new order, a new anointing, a new kingdon that Israel had never experienced before, and God had ordained it!!

So knowingly and willingly Jonathan stripped himself of his princely garments, and gave them to David - I Samuel 18: 1-4. Up to this point, all these events took place in Saul's house, and with Saul's blessing. Suddenly Saul is jealous over the anointing that is on David and tries to destroy it, by killing David. So David flees for his life into the wilderness, but Jonathan does NOT go along. He stays in Saul's house. Remember, he loves David, he knows David has the anointing and the true message from God, but he is not quite ready to leave father's house and break all the family ties and bear the reproach that David is bearing.

How many are there that are pictured here? They love the anointing and the true message of the Kingdom. They are willing to make any sacrifice, -- pray, fast, go, and give --- just to have the anointing --- except leave the old order. When it comes to that, they cannot see the need for it. They cannot hear the trumpet saying " Come out of her, my people ".

They cannot understand why the " Davids " have to waste their time in the "wilderness ", when they could be doing so much more, preaching to bigger crowds, winning more souls, and sitting at Saul's table. They just can't see the reason for the separation. If David had gone out with the approval of Saul's man made organization, Jonathan would have gone along. But what was David doing? Nothing!! Just sitting out there in a cave somewhere, with his motley little band of men. I Sam. 22: 1 - 2.

Where was Jonathan? He was back in Saul's house, probably wondering what is happening with God's anointed to - night, wishing he could be there just to hear David sing some of the songs God was giving him by the Spirit. However, we find him attending Saul's banquets, dead dry affairs, full of business meeting, committee meetings, programs, fund raising, people striving for office, etc. Maybe he thinks he can do more good for David there in Saul's palace. Friend, believe me God will take care of David, but he needs Jonathan (and you) out there in the wilderness with him. God is preparing an army and you Jonathan's need to be in that army! Now understand, Jonathan knows David is right, and that the new order will come in. We find in I Sam. chapters 19 and 20 that he even opposed his father, and refused to put his hand against this new move of the Spirit. Saul even threatens Jonathan, but still Jonathan will not leave. I Sam. 20: 30. Why not? He always had the hope that maybe Saul would have a change of heart and accept David and take him back.

In I Sam. chapter 19: 6 - 7 we find them talking about this very thing, it even looked like it would work for a while --- but a short time later Saul was out to kill the anointed again. (verse 10).

Friend, it just will not work. It didn't then and it won't now!! Either move on with Him, or you'll find yourself missing out on the greatest move of God that mankind has ever seen. Babylon is going to fall, and if you don't come out of her, you'll find yourself falling with her, " being partaker of her sins, and receiving of her plagues. "

There is a little army in the wilderness today, small, insignificant, reproached, lied about, but anointed of God. They don't seem to be doing much, but they are not idle. They are in training, and will soon go forth in the power of the new Kingdom order and do that which Saul and all his armies have not been able to do - usher in the Kingdom of God on the earth!!!

I know Saul was successful from time to time, God moved, the anointing came, and Saul's organization was very pleased with it. But soon the old spirit of Babylon begins to work again, they began to pull some political ram-rodding, and soon you will see Saul trying to fasten the David's to the wall with a javelin. It's not that they don't want the anointing, they do, but they want it fully under their control.

Many dear people, preachers and teachers have had a touch of this anointing, and have stayed in Saul's house. They say they have lots of liberty and can even prophesy and lay hands on the sick. That may be so for a time, but let me assure you, if you try to walk that luke-warm path, sooner or later Saul's javelin will come flying your way and destroy the anointing which God has given you.

Now the conclusion of the story. You might ask what happened to Jonathan when David came to the throne? Well my friend, he died along with Saul and his system. Read I Sam. 31: 2. God is not allowing anything of the old order of Babylon to have a ruling part in the Kingdom He is setting up. That is why He is calling - " Come out of her, my people. " I know it is not easy to come out, and my heart goes out to you, for I know you are in torment. Many will say to you that you can do more good by staying in Saul's house and minister to others. If you stay, you will encourage others to stay, until eventually not only you but all the sons of Saul are slain.

I'm sure some dear well meaning Saint will quote you the verse " not forsaking the assembling of yourself together as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another and so much more as ye see the day (end) approaching. " There is only one true basis for assembling ourselves. Jesus said, " Where two or three are gathered together IN MY NAME, there am I in the midst of them. " The vast majority of christendom assemble because of tradition, others for the sake of making proselytes, and others for the furthering of their particular doctrine. If we would be honest, we would acknowledge that almost all are assembling in the name of their denomination (whether they have a name or not) for the purpose of building up their particular work. All such assembling wearies me says the Lord - Isaiah 1: 13 - 14.

I believe with all my heart that once we have forsaken Saul's house and given ourselves over to true unity with Christ the anointed, then and only then, will God show us how to gather in the name of the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God.

Poor Jonathan. He had such opportunity, but couldn't bear the reproach - couldn't pull away from the old order, so he had to die there. My dear friend, let nothing hinder you. It will be worth it all, in that glorious new and Eternal Temple of God, as we stand before Him, and minister unto Him.

Are you a Jonathan or a David?

Speaking the truth in love