In Psalms 139: 14 it says: "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." As we look at the human body we find it is a very complicated mechanism. People do not realize how very complicated their body is. There is a particular organ inside my body that has been pumping for over 60 years without any repairs to it, without being greased, oiled or gasoline fed to it. It has never stopped for any rest. I've never seen that organ, yet it is the most important organ to my body. When I look at a model of my heart and other organs, I am awed by the complication of this machine in which we live.

Life Magazine published some pictures of the human body greatly magnified. They had a picture of the scalp, of  a human head  of  hair magnified hundreds of times. It looked like a great forest of trees. They magnified a photograph of the eye and showed the eye under a microscope. It is hard to believe that we are so marvellously and fearfully made. Praise the Lord!  This body can do many things. It can take all kinds of pain, affliction and yet survive. Men have actually been shot in the heart and survived. Some men have fallen out of  airplanes thousands of feet through the air and survived. Many things have happened to the human body and we find that there is almost no limit to the things that are possible in this human body. Our bodies are such complicated machines that physicians and scientists have been examining it for years trying to figure out it's secrets.

But if you think the body is complicated, it is far less complicated than the soul. For you see, as we come into the soul life, we come to a higher order. In the book of  I Thessalonians 5: 23 it says: "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; (that means entirely) and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."  Now notice from God's side how He speaks of these things. He speaks of the highest order first.  First the spirit, then the soul and then the body.  Now generally when you talk to anyone and they mention these, they start with the body.  They say "body, soul and spirit" because this is where we live, this is what we see.  I can't see your soul.  You express your soul through your words and your expressions.  An example of this is that it's difficult for some people to talk without the use of their hands.

I read an article on this awhile back that was explaining how it is difficult to express yourself just with words without using your hands to describe what you are saying.  I cannot see your soul until it is expressed through your body and by the words of your mouth.  This is how you express what is in your mind or your soul life.  We are not very good mind readers.  There have been people who seem to give themselves to that psychic realm until they can pick up thoughts or wave lengths.  This is a dangerous realm to walk in because there is a powerful realm here in the soul or psychic life.  It's not something to play around with.  Some bodies are so powerful they can pick up hundreds of pounds and boxers can overcome their opponents because of their strength, yet  the psychic realm is far more powerful than the physical realm. This is not the highest realm.  The highest realm is the realm of the spirit.  This is the realm out of which God rules.  For we see it says that God's throne is in the heavens.  Earth is His footstool, that's where He walks, that's where His feet are.  That's where He is made visible through these bodies, but He rules in the spirit.  And if He does not rule your spirit, then  your soul life is not going to correctly and properly reveal and express the God that's within you.  Your spirit must be turned completely over to Him, He must rule in your Zion, He must rule in your spirit or else your body cannot properly express God.

When I see men and women who are dishonoring God in their bodies, who are stumbling around in a drunken stupor or speaking profanity and blasphemy, this indicates to me not just that their bodies are out of order, but that God is not ruling on the throne in their spirit, in the heavenlies.  For if God rules in the heavenlies, the body will be brought into divine order.  Now this is important for us to know because we are all interested in the message of life.  We are interested in knowing that God is going to take over and redeem these bodies.  And Paul says "we who have the firstfruits of the spirit are groaning for the redemption of our bodies".  Hallelujah!  The redemption of the body does not come until the firstfruits of the spirit become the fullness of the spirit.  When God is fully enthroned and He is Lord of lords and King of Kings, when every knee bows and every tongue confesses that He is Lord and when we can truly bow and say "He is Lord, He is ruling in the throne of our spirits".  Then will these bodies be brought out of the corruption of death and we shall put on immortality and incorruption.  Glory to God!  I love the Word of God.  When you look in it you begin to see the pattern and the answer to the promises of God that He has given us, that these bodies are going to be brought into conformity and to that which Christ has purchased for us.


Jesus said that the kingdom of God was like a man who found a treasure, but he found it in a field, in an earthen field.  He didn't find it hidden away in some vault.  He didn't find it tucked away in the attic of some great palace, but he found it buried in a field.  And so he went and sold everything he had and bought that field, so he could get the treasure that was in the field.  Now that wasn't us buying salvation because we didn't buy it, it was a gift of God.  We didn't have anything to buy it with.  The Bible says we are bought with a price, He is the one who bought us.  II Corinthians 8:9 says:  "For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that ye through His poverty might be rich."  He made himself poor.  He sold all that He had.  He stripped and emptied Himself of that glory that He had with the Father before the world began.  He then came down here into the poverty of this visible, earthly life that He might buy that treasure that was hid in the field.  We are that treasure, we are that field.  There is a spirit that He has seen within you that is a treasure.  He said that we have this treasure in earthen vessels.  So Jesus FOUND the treasure, but He BOUGHT the whole field.  Now the Bible does say that after the man bought the field that he got rid of it.  But brother, when he bought the field, he got the treasure out of it, but he still kept the field.  I believe that he cleared all the stumps and the rocks, the thorns and thistles and plowed it up good and planted some good crops.  I believe he made the field productive!  Do you know what makes me believe that?  It's because that's exactly what's happened to these earthly vessels that He has purchased.  When He receives that which He has found in us and perfects these spirits, He still isn't finished.  He also has a plan and a program for this body.


I have refuted and fought against those people who claim there isn't going to be a resurrection.  They spiritualize the resurrection and say that these bodies are just going to go to dust and that's the end of it.  But this is not true.  Jesus Christ is coming and we are looking for Him and He shall appear to change these bodies of our humiliation and make them like unto His body of Glory!  No where does the Bible indicate that these bodies will disintegrate or go back to dust.  God is saving every bit of the molecules, the automical structure, whether you cremate it, whether its destroyed to our sense of seeing, or whatever happens to it, God never loses track of the substance.  He still knows where it is .  He is going to take those which once were the bodies we walked in for those who went on and He's going to bring them back.  Out of those who have been sown in the earth, He's going to bring forth a harvest of a body of His Glory!

This body of His Glory is going to be far greater than the body that we are now in, because the body is coming out by the resurrection power and glory of God.  Whether you come through the grave or by the change that Paul talks about, it's still resurrection life that changes our bodies.  Even if you don't go to the grave, it's going to be His resurrection power that brings you through that change.  And its going to be the resurrection power that brings the bodies out of the grave.  As a result, this resurrection life that changes this physical body doesn't bring back just the same thing that went in the grave.  Paul says that when we sow grain, what we expect is far greater than what we sowed, isn't it?  He said that's the same way it is in the resurrection.  What is sown in corruption is going to be brought forth in incorruption and is therefore a far greater harvest than what was sown.  What am I saying?  Starting with the body, I am saying that the bodies we come into by the resurrection life of Christ are going to be so far superior.  These bodies will be far beyond in their glory and ability, extending farther than this body we are now in,  there will hardly be any comparison.  In fact, Paul says that he reckoned the sufferings of this present time in this body are not even worthy to be compared with the glory that's going to be revealed in us.  It is difficult to compare the glory of that resurrection body with the body that we now have.

Now if this is true, and it is, this would be a principle with God. Moses said, "Lord show me your ways".  It's not enough to know that thus and thus is going to happen.  I want to learn God's ways.  If we can learn what God is like, how He works, it's easy then to see whether the things that come along are of God or not.  So this is a principle of God that, that which comes forth by resurrection is going to be far greater than the thing we had previously.  Now if this is true of the body, then it will also be true of the soul life.



The soul life is our emotional life, our mental life, as well as our will, and our ego.  Some people seem to have the idea that when we receive glorified bodies our personalities are just going to be erased and we are going to be a zombie out there identified with Christ.  It's true that we are going to be identified with Christ, but we are not going to be egoless zombies.  We are going to be individuals made up into one great body.  The soul life, the mind, the intellect of that person that you are now is going to come forth into a much greater intellect, a much greater mind, a much greater person in the harvest of the resurrection than you ever thought you could be  in this life.

We cannot grasp the glory of that which He has prepared for us as individuals, as persons, and as souls.  The soul that sinneth shall die, but that eternal life is going to bring us into a harvest of HIS life, mind, intellect, will, emotions, and mentality until the mind of Christ is operating in this soul life of ours.  You talk about mental giants and geniuses - this world has never seen the extent to which God is going to take this earthly life and bring a harvest out of it.

Scientists tell us that even now the ordinary person uses less than 2% of the potential that is in his brain.  Geniuses such as Einstein only used 10% of the potential that's in the human mind now!  You ask:  "What happened to the rest of it?"  There's a  corruption, a death that's dwelling in the mind because Adam sinned and fell from grace and the Adamic mind is under the shroud of death.  This is why the human mind is not reaching its potential.  Now we recognize that men by their bodies have strength and they can go out and do certain things with their body.  Even men who are actually mindless, can be directed to do certain things and their bodies still function.  But you see, the mind is so far beyond this.  My body is so limited.  Our minds are not bound to the space limitations that our bodies are bound in.  But even our minds are limited by those things we have learned.

For an example, try to talk to an African in the deep part of the Congo or an Indian in Peru who has never seen an airplane or an automobile.  He doesn't even know what canned food looks like.  He grew up in the jungles of South America and knows nothing about civilization.  You go in there and learn his language and try to explain to him something about civilization.  Then explain to him what New York City looks like.  You could not make him see that.  His mind cannot comprehend it because he has never had an introduction to that kind of thinking.  What am I saying?  I am saying there are things we cannot comprehend because we have never had an introduction to them, we have not seen them.  Eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard the things that God hath prepared for them that love Him!  How do we know about them?  He said He reveals them by His spirit.  So then we come into a spirit realm that goes far beyond the realm of the mind.

You see, the power of the mind is far greater than the power of the body.  For instance, a man that has a strong body without much of a mind can do certain things.  He might dig a ditch or chop down a tree.  But it takes someone whose soul life has been touched with genius to write a symphony or paint a great painting. They can take a few cents worth of canvas, a few pennies worth of paint and go to the canvas before them and produce a masterpiece out of the creative ability that's within them.  It's not because their arms are longer or their hands are quicker but because of the soul life.  They have an ability to create a painting on that canvas that will sell for a million dollars.  Men have done this.  They can create music out of that soul life.  Great crowds of people would pay thousands of dollars to come and hear somebody play a symphony that some man has created out of his mind, out of his soul life.  So we find that the realm of the mind is more creative, it's more powerful and it rules over the body.

Your body is under the control of your mind.  It can't do anything except what the mind tells it to do.  A body which does something that the mind does not direct it to do is out of order and dangerous.  Listen closely because I am about to shock you with something.  If you came to see me and all of the sudden my hand reached out and hit you in the face you'd say "what did you do that for?"  I would then tell you that I was sorry, I didn't mean to do that, it's just an affliction I have.  My hand just does these things and flies out and hits whatever its close to.  Then if pretty soon my foot reached out and kicked you on the shin and bruised you, you'd say "look brother, you need some help, or you need to be tied up somewhere until you can get your body under the control of your mind."  For a body that is not directed by the mind is dangerous.  I might also say this - a body that is directed by a corruptible mind is also very dangerous.  A body that is directed by a mind that is full of murder, will murder, but murder doesn't originate with the body.  It originates in the mind.  You cannot convict a person for murdering someone unless their mind was in it.  If a person is sleeping and they have a gun in their hand and in their sleep they convulse and pull the trigger and the gun shoots somebody and its proved that they were asleep and mentally had nothing to do with it, you cannot convict them of first degree murder.  If they prove they were temporarily insane they can get out of it because the law says that unless the mind directs the body, you cannot punish the body for committing murder.  For the body is under control of the mind.  When you have a violent mind, your body can become very dangerous. If you think the mind can't control the body go to Daniel chapter 4 and read what happened to the king when he was given a different mind!!  But,  when you have a spiritual mind, then your body can become very productive and beneficial because the body is ruled over by the mind.



Here we'll find that the spirit rules over the mind.  The Bible says as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.  If wrong spirits get into you, they'll put wrong thoughts in your mind.  In I Peter it says to gird up the loins of your mind.  Now the loins are the reproductive part of the body.  So what is Peter talking about when he says the loins of your mind?  It's that which receives the seeds of thought.  The Bible says in II Corinthians 2 that we are not ignorant of Satan's devices.  That work "devices" comes from a word which means to devise, or to think up.  It's the Greek work "noema" which is also translated other places in the Bible as "thoughts".  So we are not ignorant of Satan's thoughts.  Satan is a spirit and if a wrong spirit gets into you, it will place wrong thoughts in your mind or in your soul life.  If you are filled with the wrong kind of a spirit, it will corrupt your soul life until your soul begins to crave wrong things.  When your soul craves them, your body will actually begin to taste of these things and crave them.  Eventually you set up a craving in your body for certain things that are wrong and destructive.

Now we are not ignorant of the devil's thoughts because Satan, who is a spirit, would like to bring thoughts and put a seed in our mind. And the Bible says when sin is conceived, it bringeth forth death.  So, there are three spirits in the world, the spirit of Satan, the spirit of man and the spirit of God.  And Paul said to the Church, I want to present you as a chaste and pure virgin unto the Lord.  What does that mean?  It means that the Church doesn't receive any thoughts, any ideas, any work from any other spirit except the spirit of the living God.

When you have a wrong spirit in the church it will begin to manifest itself with wrong ideas and those ideas are expressed in actions through our bodies.  A lying demon craves expression by having someone tell a lie.  So if that lying demon can get into you, it will cause you to be what the psychiatrists say is a compulsive liar.  I knew a man like that.  He was a compulsive liar, he had a lying demon.  He would lie even when it would make him more money to tell the truth.  He would lie about his insurance policies he was selling.  He would lie to the policy holder.  He'd lie  about how much he had sold even though it wasn't necessary.  He just had a lying demon that craved expression.

Another example is an alcohol demon. It is not satisfied until there is an expression and the body is taking in alcohol.  Then that demon is expressing itself.  If you don't express that thing, you begin to get the jitters.  You know what I am talking about.  You begin to say "I've got to have a drink".  If you've got an alcohol spirit in you, you begin to crave alcohol.

A narcotic demon also craves expression.  This is why they say they've got a monkey on their back even when they kick the habit.  They think that physically they are delivered, but mentally they are not delivered because they've got that spirit in there that's craving expression.

A murdering demon craves expression and he wants people to murder somebody.  This is why you read in the papers about senseless murders where there was no reason or rhyme to it at all.  They had no reason to murder anyone.  It wasn't out of a fit of anger, they killed someone they didn't even know.  What was it?  It was a demon of murder inside of them driving them to express that demon's nature by murdering someone.

A suicide demon creates a desire and people begin to think about suicide.  People actually lay awake at night thinking of ways to kill themselves.  They think it would be better if they were dead.  What is that?  It's a suicide demon that's trying to come into their minds and plant seeds and create something that will drive them to the place where they will take their lives.

Self-preservation is the first law of nature and its very difficult for a suicide demon to make people commit suicide.  They have to really get a hold of them and drive them because we resist that very thought.  But the more you let that thing feed the stronger it gets.  As you think of it, you are feeding that spirit.  You are letting him plant that seed in you when you let your mind dwell on those thoughts.  We are not ignorant of Satan's thoughts and when he begins to give thoughts to our minds that are not right, we know these are Satan's thoughts and we know it is the wrong spirit.

You may look at someone across the isle from you at church and have an evil thought about them.  Whether it might be lust or anger or some bitterness, you look at someone and you have an evil thought.  God did not put that evil thought in your heart.  That thought came from another spirit.

You might look at someone and have a thought of jealousy or envy.  You might wish you were as well dressed as the other person.  But God did not put that thought in your heart.  I like what a brother of mine said just recently.  He said "if you are wishing that you were doing what somebody else is doing, then you are not believing that you are doing what you ought to be doing"..  Hallelujah!  So quit wishing and looking at someone else, the Spirit does not give these thoughts.  It's a wrong spirit because spirits are of a higher order than the mentality and they plant seeds in the mind and the mind might express them through the body.  For you see, the spirit is the head of the soul as the soul is the head of the body.  Let me put it this way.


The Bible  says that God is the head of Christ, I Corinthians 11:3, and Christ is the head of the man.  So we have God, Christ and the man.  We recognize that the body of Christ in the earth is the expression of Christ here on this earth.  This is what the world sees when they see you.  They see the expression of your mind through what happens in your body, through the way you look at them, and the way you express yourself.  If you walk up face to face with someone, you don't know what they are thinking about unless they either stick their hand out and say "Brother, I like you.  Shake hands with me", or whether they haul off and slap you in the face.  You can tell pretty quick by the expression of the body what they are thinking about you.

So the Body of Christ, His people, are the expression of Christ in the earth and He is our mind.  We have the mind of Christ.  He directs the activities of the body.  So that as our mind directs our physical body, so Christ directs the Church.  The Bible says that God is the head of Christ.  "God", Jesus said, "is Spirit".  He also said "My Father is greater than I".  The Father directed every step Jesus took.  As God is the head of Christ, so the spirit realm is the head of the soul realm and the soul realm is under the direction of what kind of spirit we have.  This is why we are interested in helping people to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. (please click on article Holy Spirit and read prayfully)  They need to have the first fruits of the Spirit begin to work in their lives and press on into the fullness of the Spirit until they are filled with all the fullness of God!  For as we receive the fullness of God and let that fullness work in our spirit, our minds are going to be revitalized and we are going to be thinking the thoughts of God and directing our bodies until our soul life is going to come into an immortality and an unending life.  And its going to create something in our bodies until these bodies will be changed by that which is within us!

Oh, I hope I can express this to you in such a way that you can see it.  I know I'm repeating myself, but I am trying to let you see something.  We are so interested in the body.  Oh, I tell you, what if there was a fellow across the street preaching and the word got out that anybody who had any kind of sickness who walked in there, every one of them, 100% of them, would be healed of anything that was wrong with them.  Everyone would go see him.  We are very interested in this body.  But brother, we are after bigger gain than this.  We are desirous of getting the spirit so filled with God and God completely in control of the mind.  Then the soul life of man will come into union with God until this body changes into His likeness.  Glory!

We have had very little information on just what our spirit consists of.  So we have never had much interest in it.  We were more interested than anything in our body because we know a whole lot more about our bodies than we do about our mind or spirit.  Yet we've recognized that actually we would rather lose an arm than lose our mind.  We'd rather lose both legs than to go insane.  We've gone that far at least that we want to keep our mind.  We want to be who we are.  We don't want to lose our identity, our recognition, our consciousness of who we are in this world and the next world, even if our bodies are destroyed.  So we recognize the soul life is greater than the body and more important to us.  The mind is more creative and more powerful than the body, so the spirit is far more powerful and more creative than the mind!  God is bringing forth a spirit people that are going to be creators and rulers and kings and priests, not in the psychic realm, but in the spirit realm.  Hallelujah!


"Quote of a trusted friend of mine"  I just about got caught up one time in this power that is in the psychic realm.  I was a state trainer for an insurance company in the state of Kansas.  I trained these men how to sell door to door, cold canvas and it was pretty hard selling.  It was strictly a commission basis.  It was hard to stay with it and you really had to know how to sell in order to make any money.  We lost a lot of men because they didn't have the determination to stay with it.  They sent these men to me and I had to train them.  They gave me textbooks on the power of positive thinking and all the power there is in the psychic realm.  I trained these men and I saw it work.  I would sit across the table from a potential customer and they were declaring they didn't have the money, they didn't have the need or desire and I could just see in my mind them writing their name on that order blank.  Do you know before I left there, they signed their name just like I saw it in my mind.  I found out that I could create an image in my mind and I could make that thing work and I could make them do what I wanted them to do by the power there was in the psychic realm.  I trained the men to sell just in this way.

Then I was reading more along this line and I said:  "Lord, you know that the greatest thing in life that I desire is to be a son of God, to be in the image of Jesus Christ.  So if this thing works out there selling insurance in the business world and men make millions of dollars this way, it can work for me too.  There are business men who have built their empires this way.  These men have the confidence, the determination, the faith and the power to back it up in their minds so they can accomplish whatever they want to do.  So why wouldn't this principle work in the spiritual realm?  So I decided to put this thing to work and I was going to declare these things and make it work for the spiritual things I wanted.  And so you know, someone who didn't know me, didn't know what I was going through, called me long distance.  Numbers of times he would talk to me for 45 minutes telling me this very thing.  He knew all about these formulas and what you had to do to be powerful, have riches, etc.  So I thought well, that must be a confirmation.  Then the Spirit of the Lord woke me up.,  He said, "Son, you can go that route if you want to.  For there is a power in the psychic realm, there is a power in the soul.  But if you are willing to only settle for the soul life, you are going to miss My best, for the power of the spirit life goes far beyond the power of the soul life." - end quote.

I have seen men today get into the psychic realm in the things of God and declare certain things and make them work.  I've seen people get healed from the psychic realm.  How do you think that Christian Scientists get people healed?  You don't think they do?  Go around and check up on some of the cases.  Some of them are not even saved.  Some psychiatrists and doctors use faith in their mental realm to convince people that they can be healed of whatever is wrong with them.  They get people healed and their physical bodies changed because there is a power in that psychic realm.  God said that is on a lower realm.  He has something far higher.  The psychic realm is limited by the limitations of our minds.  However, there is a realm that is unlimited which is in the Holy of Holies.  This place is beyond the veil where men have not seen.  It is a place we are coming to where God rules upon His throne.  Its the Spirit realm that God is going to rule in because our minds are going to be under the control of our spirits.  God must rule in our spirits.  If God ruled in your mind and yet your spirit was not right with God, things would get into a turmoil within your life.

This is the greatest hour that has come upon the human race.  We have come to that hour now when all nature is going to be brought into right relationship with God.  A people are going to enter into the spirit realm and come into the fullness of God in their spirit.  We will find out the creativeness, the power, and the force that there is in the realm of the Holy Sprit, when we enter into that realm of the Holy Spirit in fullness.  I'm not talking about spooks, and demons and things like that.  I am talking about the fact that we all have a spirit.  The spirit of man the Bible says is the candle of the Lord.  A lot of people's candles are out.  They have been dead in trespasses and sin, but when they accept Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes in and the first thing He does is light that candle and let the light begin to shine within them.  As the Sprit of God begins to take over, they begin to think differently.  Men who walk with God think differently.  Their minds are filled with different things than the minds of the people in the world.  You can see it on the news stands, on the marques of the picture shows and other places, you can see what has been created by the minds of men whose spirits have been given over into the hands of demon powers.  The world today, America especially, and also Sweden and Denmark and some of these other countries have been filled with immorality and a low realm of sex lust.  Men's minds have been infiltrated by demons of lust.  Their minds have created books, magazines and movies that have led our young people astray because they fill their minds with those things.  I want you to know, we don't have it at our house.  We won't let it in.  We play gospel music in our home and in our car so that the gospel message is going out into their minds and lives.  As a result we didn't have problems with our young people as far as this thing is concerned.  God help us to let the Spirit of God come in with the right kind of thoughts.  Pray that you and your children will be filled with the Holy Ghost.  Get earnest and sincere about this.

After our daughter got saved, I began to talk to God about filling her with the Holy Ghost.  You say "a child?"  Brother, I want you to know they begin to hear things when they get into kindergarten that would make you blush.  They hear things from other little kids who hear them in homes where God is not honored.  These children bring them to school and I tell you, it's amazing the things that our children hear at school.  So I began to talk to the Lord about it. We just asked the Lord to fill her with His Holy Ghost.  It  changed her life.  It is very necessary in this day for the Spirit of God to have an entrance into our children's hearts to put the right kind of thoughts into their minds.  The Bible says "be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind!"  We can have a new mind, we don't have to have the mind of the world.  I'm not a conformist where I think everyone has to cut their hair like I cut mine.  There is a wrong kind of thinking that has come into our young people's hearts when they begin to look so much like the people in the world who are living in immorality and open sin and taking drugs.  It's a shame when kids in church have to dress like or look like the fashion plates of the world.  You say "get off the clothesline, brother".  I'm not on the clothesline, I'm talking about your mind.  If God controls your mind, then He will also control your body because the body is in subjection to the mind.  If the Spirit of God is in you to take over in your spirit, then your mind is going to be in subjection to the spirit.  For the spirit is the head of the mind and the mind is the head of the body!  God is the Father of Spirits.  He is the head of Christ, who is the mind of the Church, the head of the Church, the director of every activity of the church.  We have come to that hour when all nature is going to be brought into right relationship with God.  His people are going to enter into the spirit realm and come into the fullness of God in their spirit.  We will find out the creativeness, the power, the force that there is in the Holy Spirit when we enter into that realm of the Holy Spirit in fullness.  Ask God to come in and take over your spirit, to rule from your heavens.

Don't be satisfied with anything less for yourself, your family and the family of God